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Winstar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma – What to Do There

For those of you who have never visited the Winstar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma, you are in for a real treat. First, take the time to check out the award winning casino floor. Secondly, book your room so you can start enjoying all the great benefits that the hotel provides!

winstar world casino hotel oklahoma

When you book with Winstar you are booking the first chance you’ll ever have to enjoy unlimited free giveaways! You’ll receive a free appetizer ticket for every three days you stay in the hotel, and when you’re done playing, your prize is on the table. Isn’t that exciting?

The casino floor of the Winstar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma is amazing. If you want to learn the secrets to winning at the casino, you’ll definitely want to spend some time on the floor. If you’re ever thinking about going back to the casino, it won’t be long before you start wining again!

However, it isn’t just the casino floor that is really great at the Winstar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma. All of the above mentioned bonuses can be had right at the edge of the hotel, in the 5 and 6 Star Hotel restaurants.

The main thing that makes the casino floor of the Winstar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma a favorite among casino enthusiasts is the various deals they have available to win on every card that is dealt to players. There are the occasional BBs that can be won, and the winners of those deals can keep any items or casino chips that they win. Winstar puts out daily BB’s to get your attention, and there are numerous categories that you can put your chips in to win them. These include Casino Corner, Health and Fitness Corner, Value Station, Redemption Station, and now the infamous Baccarat Station.

One of the great things about the World Casino Hotel is that there are multiple sports and entertainment events that can be enjoyed in the casino. You can try your luck at Baccarat in one of the two Gambling Rooms. Some of the best bets in the world of gambling are being made there every day and winning prizes can be won from those items. You can also keep winning Casino Chips in the game room, which can then be used to pay for your meals, play games, or a host of other great things.

With everything that is available to do at the World Casino Hotel, the Winstar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma is definitely a place that you can’t afford to miss. If you aren’t familiar with the casino floor, or you’d like to get a taste of wining at the gambling tables, don’t wait any longer!

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