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WinStar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma City Review

If you are looking for a new place to play, you may want to check out the WinStar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma City. With the new casino being the only one that was open when I went there in July of 2020, it was good to get a feel for the casino before I went full tilt.

winstar world casino hotel oklahoma

The hotel itself is a great combination of traditional and modern aspects. You can choose to stay in a traditional room or you can choose a suite. The rooms are well designed and have contemporary amenities. A modern alarm system is installed, so you don’t wake up at night worrying about your room.

There are several gaming areas available, including all the Bingo and games available at the other WinStar casinos. I was able to try the slots and there were some very good games played. Even if you have never tried playing slots before, you can be assured that this is a game that will appeal to just about anyone.

When I was playing poker at the World Casino, I heard a very interesting story about the poker players at that location. There was a room there that would keep track of the hands won and lost, and of course, who had won the most money. After I won my first hand, the guy ran over to me, came over to my table and said that he had won a bet and that I was out of luck because I did not have the correct winnings on hand. I later found out that the table was meant for the dealers, but it was more than I could handle, so I told him that I was out of luck and that I would go home and write down my winnings, just to be safe.

It was very interesting to hear this story while I was playing poker at the World Casino, so I will probably read that information in my next post. The room I stayed in was the King Suite, which I think is a great name for a suite.

There is a nice resort atmosphere at the World Casino, which is different from other hotels that you may find. When I checked in, I went through a door where a buffet restaurant stood, but once I finished eating, I went back through the same door. That kind of sound casino reception is a lot different than the normal reception desk that you see at many other casinos.

The bar at the World Casino is awesome, and it definitely did not disappoint when I was trying to talk to the bartenders to find out where I could find a bar tender, the guy who drives the casino’s delivery truck. He was very friendly and waited patiently as I explained what I was looking for. I had a few drinks and then the next day got the chance to meet the casino manager as he drove by in his vehicle.

I enjoyed my stay at the World Casino and found the place to be relaxing and really well laid out. While there, I also got a chance to visit the other casino in Oklahoma City, which I will do later. Overall, this place is a great place to come to and have a good time while enjoying all the fun options at the WinStar World Casino Hotel Oklahoma City.

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