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WinStar Casino Oklahoma Concerts

winstar casino oklahoma concerts

WinStar Casino Oklahoma Concerts

WinStar Casino is a great place to enjoy an evening of entertainment with live music. Take a look at some of the Oklahoma concerts this casino brings to the stage every week.

Rock n’ Roll Heroes – Live from Oklahoma City, the Rock n’ Roll Heroes brings the rockers from all over the world to the stage and proves that the music is strong in the world’s third largest city. Also featuring hip hop, rock, pop, and R&B acts, the Rock n’ Roll Heroes can fill the most intimate bar, club, or restaurant with their music. The Rock n’ Roll Heroes is a fun way to enjoy the Oklahomans live music.

Oregon Rockers – Everyone knows who the best rock band in Oregon is, right? This show is sure to provide the same excitement in your ears as it does in the audience. With a lineup featuring members of other rock bands, including the Bangles, Wipers, and the Wild Feathers, the Oregon Rockers will bring you the rock world’s biggest night of rock and roll. This is also a great time to see some up and coming rockers!

Wolverine Walkers – Live from Oklahoma City, the Wolverine Walkers brings together a group of strong, talented, and unique musicians to bring their unique energy to the stage. The Walkers blends together traditional American music with a unique style that only they could create. The unique musicians bring their audiences to the edge of their seats as they move with skill and grace.

Girl Scout Speaks – Live from Oklahoma City, Girl Scout Speaks features a great number by the name of “Stuck in the Middle”. But the energy doesn’t stop there. The cast of characters includes a little bit of everyone from Elvis Presley to Donna Summer. Of course, Girl Scout Speaks will be bringing their new hit song, “Paralyzed”, but the main attraction will be “Stuck in the Middle”.

Zuni – The Zuni tribe from Zuni, New Mexico, will be performing during the August concert. It’s great to see a band from New Mexico to bring their own unique style of music to the stage. Zuni is also a great rock band to hear live from Oklahoma City, as they are a great alternative rock band.

Seacoast Band – This is another great concert from a great local band. The Seacoast Band brings their Celtic music to the stage and you’ll find yourself standing right in the middle of a great show.

WinStar Casino is a great place to enjoy live music in Oklahoma City. Get tickets now for the Oklahomans most popular and well-known live shows!

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